Golf has been an academy sport at St Peter’s, Cambridge since 2005. Our Golf Academy has developed many New Zealand representative and tour players. Our course-like training facilities are widely regarded as the leading all-weather facilities in New Zealand. Our Golf Academy provides holistic, tailored programmes that develop expertise in all aspects of the game and pathways for students to excel as golfers.

Our primary focus is to ensure that each student is exposed to the game in a way that makes it fun and enjoyable. Building confidence, teaching good sportsmanship, making friends, understanding rules and learning the game of golf are all major objectives of the St Peter’s Golf Academy. We want the experience of their involvement in our academy to ignite their love of the game and truly make it a game for life.


Our students have daily access to our two top class experienced NZPGA qualified coaches as well as regular access to a variety of specialist support staff. Students use the best purpose built private all-weather training facilities in the country, which includes specialised technologies for swing analysis measuring and bio-feedback, such as:

- FlightScope X2 and Mevo radar ball tracking systems. 
- BodiTrak pressure mat.
- SAM Putt Lab.
- Shots2Hole statistical analysis programme.
- Super Speed Training Sticks.
- Individual Edufii Training Space.
- SiliconCoach video analysis.

What you learn:

- The fundamentals of the full swing.
- The four elements of the short game.
- Course strategy.
- Golf etiquette.

We offer all students the opportunity to sample golf and then grow the love of the game through these key directions:

- High quality coaching. Balancing physical, mental, tactical and technical to create rounded individuals.
- Clear and defined pathways for progression.
- On-going professional development
- Provide a facility / physical environment that is world class.

Our overarching strategic outcomes:  

- Provide students with tools to go anywhere in the golf industry with clear career pathways.
- Increase the number of students that gain Golf Scholarships to tertiary institutions here and overseas.
- Provide a positive, fun and stimulating environment that fosters a life-long involvement in golf.
- Ensure our programmes dovetail with New Zealand Golf’s development programmes.

There is a wide variety of options including individual lessons, group lessons, and holiday programmes:

The Golf School Squads are a first step for those new to golf. It enables students to explore golf in a fun environment with an appropriate level of coaching input

The Participator Programme is designed for beginner golfers to improve all aspects of technique and course strategy. Players at this level will have regular group coaching sessions supplemented by some ‘booster’ individual coaching sessions.

The Developer Programme is for players who have established the foundation skills and have the potential and the desire to keep improving. Players at this level have regular individual coaching sessions, during school time, which is supplemented with on course coaching sessions.

Our Performance Programme is for players who aspire to be representative golfers and those wishing to make a career in the game. Players at this level have weekly individual coaching sessions, during school time and extensive on course coaching time.

Our Elite Programme is a customized programme to primarily cater for high performance players with specific requirements. 


Golf Accolades

  • Winners of the NZSS Team Championship in 2011 and 2015.
  • 13 Individual National Age Group Titles
  • Many New Zealand representatives and tour players.
  • Multiple students have won university scholarships in New Zealand and the USA.

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