Encouraging leadership from a young age

There are no restrictions on who can learn to be a leader. No one can predict the future leaders of the world, so it's important to let students explore the leadership potential within themselves.

Every week, a different prep class is in charge of a Monday afternoon assembly. They follow a basic structure, but the students are responsible for designing and delivering the content. It works in rotation so every class and every student can get involved.

So far this year, a range of guest speakers have been arranged by the students, including Olympian Nikki Hamblin. Members of the school's non-teaching staff have also been guest speakers, talking about and defining their roles within the school.  

Year 8 Dean Owen Steverson said sometimes the leadership initiatives continued on from the assemblies, such as Fresh Fruit Friday, where each student brings a piece of fresh fruit and it all goes into a basket, then goes to people in need within the Cambridge community.

There is also a leadership group which meets weekly. This is available for any Year 7 and 8 student who wants to further their leadership skills, learn new skills, or gain confidence in the area of leadership. Every week has a different focus and a different activity. 

The student leaders provide pivotal information back to staff about new ideas and initiatives they may have.   One of their current tasks is looking after the junior block’s sports equipment. They record when items are taken out and returned.   

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